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Don’t leave your family home

Adventures are for families too. If you want to travel with your wife and maybe kids, they’ll have plenty of things to do

Enjoy side by side adventures, with our offroad cars

Discover the diverse and picturesque landscape,
with sun-drenched hills in the southwest, sub-Carpathian forests and hills in the center and wild mountains to the north of the county.

See the living fire​

Some people consider it a gift of nature, there are those who attribute a miraculous character and, according to tradition, it is considered the protector of the animals. Because it looks like a messenger from another world, people come here to make a wish. Beyond the rarity of the phenomenon, it also has a scientific explanation. The emanations of natural gas, which have found their
way through cracks in the crust, through spontaneous combustion or not, keep alive the sacred fire of the earth. The fire can burn regardless of weather and season.

Travel to Eagles' Lake​

Siriu, Buzau Country. Eagle’s lake, also known as the Bottomless Lake, is a periglacial lake located in the Buzău Mountains, at the Carpathian Mountains south-eastern curvature, at an altitude of 1420 m. Expect a view that will take your breath away!

Visit The Berca Mud Volcanoes​

Mud Vulcanos stand for one of the most interesting mixed
reservations (geological and botanical) in Romania. The reservation is unique in Romania and it has been protected since 1924. Due to landslides, deforestation, downpours, and mudflows, there is an eerie and lunar atmosphere in the reservation. Besides the mud volcanoes, which make up the main attraction of
the reservation, there are also rare plants.

Visit Magura Sculpture Camp​

Magura Sculpture Camp is a unique exhibition, developed outdoors, including a large number of artworks scattered all over the glades on the hills that watch over Magura. Built between 1970 and 1986, it’s an exceptional outdoor museum, placed on a few hectares area near the Ciolanu Monastery. Magura Sculpture Camp formed after an event that took place during the summers of the years 1970-1986 when students and graduates of the Bucharest Academy of Art were training here.

Travel to Brasov​

Probably the best county in Romania! Brasov city is situated only 3 hours away (by car), so we strongly recommend you to visit the Medival city with its unique attractions: Council Square, The Black Church, Tampa Mountain and also the narrowest streets in Europe. Don’t forget that close to Brasov is Bran Castle (Dracula’s Home) and Peleș Castle! It would be such a pity to come to Romania and not to visit Brasov!