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We are passionate about enduro and off roading. With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the ultimate off road adventure.

journey of exploration

Find the perfect off-road and enduro tour in Romania.

Our team of experienced Adventure Tour Guides will take you on an adventure that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day out on the bike or something more excitement-filled, we’ve got the perfect tour for you.

Tour to Unknown Exciting Romania

Explore the best of off-road and enduro travel in Romania.

Take a road trip to explore some of the most beautiful places in Romania while learning about the automotive heritage and culture.


An exceptional OFFROAD experience

We focus on travellers – explorers who seek the adventure and want to experience through their journey exploration and discovery of secret destinations. Travellers who want to have the capability to live life as locals and not as classic tourists who just visited a country.

Whether you RIDE or you don’t, we want everyone to experience the amazing journeys we have available. If your idea of breathtaking exploration includes getting out and actually “seeing” the world, instead of looking at it from a hotel balcony or through the windows of a bus in a foreign country, our trip options should get your excitement level running into the red.

From driving through challenging terrain like the ……………………. and valleys of Buzau to the ……………………, we have a variety of unforgettable adventure tours for the daring traveler in you.

oFFrOAD buzau

We offer real travel experiences in Romania

These trips directed to travelers and explorers seeking to explore and discover the unspoiled nature generously offered in our country. Through this authentic experience, you have the ability to be acquainted with the unknown Historical and Cultural heritage Romania can offer.

Travelers adopting the mindset of visiting areas to live like the locals, to speak with then and of course, to taste traditional flavours, additionally to learn the traditions and explore the local architecture, cuisine and natural products that Romania has to offer and is globally well known.

Enduro rOMANIA

Experience an adrenaline-pumping enduro tour in Romania

Book your trip today and see for yourself what all the buzz is about in this unique country off-road and enduro tours in Romania has everything you need to make a fantastic adventure tour – from thrilling rides through stunning landscapes to adrenalin-pumping action.

Hecas villas

Traditional Guesthouse & Romanian flavors

We choose to host our guest offroad/enduro travelers in our traditional guesthouse at Hecas Villas in Casoca, Buzau, with the approach of authenticity and the spirit of traditional Romanian home hospitality.

We are a family that loves traditional Romanian, adventure sports, the raw, green smell and the smell of dry wood. And because we love not only to be in the middle of nature, but also to enjoy everything it has to offer, we wanted to find the perfect place where we can make all these passions of ours dance hand in hand. That’s how Hecaș Villas was born!

Enduro rOMANIA

Enduro adventure in Buzau with the best of the best.

Enduro your life with our perfect mix of exciting adventure tours and a great day out on the bike. Experience an unforgettable enduro adventure in Buzau today!

ATV adventure Buzau

Adventure together with your friends

Join the adventure and experience side by side with your friends in Buzau, Romania. With our side by side riding experiences, you’ll never get bored.


Book now and experience the best of both worlds.

Book your off-road and enduro tours today and let us take care of all the booking and logistics. Book your off-road and enduro tours today and let us take care of all the booking and logistics. You will find here an all inclusive experience, so that you will return home with your batteries fully charged.